Takeout brand design and case interpretation

Issuing time:2019-05-10 16:11

The development of takeout industry in recent years has brought a new atmosphere to the catering industry. As a "stepping stone" for takeout products to enter the hearts of consumers, how can enterprises design takeout brands in order to realize superimposed publicity between products and brands?

Takeout brand design principles

1. Eye catching atmosphere

People's feeling of receiving external information is vision, so it is convenient for consumers' cognition and memory. Brand design must be eye-catching, atmospheric, impress consumers and attract consumers' eyes.

2. Distinctive features

The role of brand is to distinguish from other competitive products, form a sharp contrast with them, and highlight the uniqueness of products. In order to enable consumers to choose their favorite products among many products. Logo design and packaging design can highlight the characteristics, style and personality of the product as much as possible, so that it is obviously different from other products.

3. Novel and chic

Brand design should be novel, highlight its characteristics and advantages, have a clear distinction with competitive product brands, and can truly reflect the cultural connotation and characteristics of takeout enterprises and products.

4. Careful design

When designing the brand, we should not only look good and beautiful, but also strictly abide by the laws and regulations. Because different countries, regions and cultural customs are different, we should be as careful as possible in words and language in the design to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding.

5. Brand coordination

Brand name and brand logo coordinate and echo each other, which makes it easier for consumers to deepen their cognition and memory of the brand. For example, the logo design with the combination of graphics and text, the close combination of graphics and text, and the mutual contrast and coordination make this design more appealing and influential.

Takeout brand design and case interpretation

How to superimpose the product and brand in the design of takeout brand packaging box

1.. Undertake the basic experience function, because it is necessary to select disposable lunch boxes that meet the requirements of food safety, prevent the leakage of dishes and keep the dishes warm.

2. Take out packaging needs to explain information to form brand effect.

3. Use details to give users a clean and practical dining experience.

4. Reasonably select the packing box on the premise of controlling the cost and the assembly speed of dishes.

Is takeout brand design hungry? Interpretation of brand logo

1. The main color of the logo is yellow, which conveys the bright feeling of the brand and is in line with the positioning of the brand's young white-collar consumers and the brand's fast food culture. The bright color treatment of "pony brother" also highlights the brand and strengthens brand recognition.

2. The cartoon image adopts the image of horse, which is in line with the brand name of pony. The tongue sticking out of the cartoon image shows that the food is delicious. The horse's eyes are closed to show the enjoyment after eating the product. Wearing a red hat has the meaning of a young fashion trend, and also has the style of a delivery brother, which can show that it is a delivery brand that young people pay attention to and match the consumption age.

3. The whole sign is tilted to give people a fashionable and dynamic feeling. "Stewed rice" is placed above the sign, mainly to inform the product category information in time, clearly convey the category products, and reduce the difficulties and mistakes of consumers' choice.

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